Film P2 is an Ultra Condensed sans serif display typeface.

It is the follower of the geometric Film Poster which was inspired by futuristic movie posters.
In Film P2, the letter design is more neutral, the font is more versatile, but no less expressive, which was one of the assumptions of the project.
This allows many different application possibilities. In titles, headings, longer text compositions, bold and custom juxtapositions, and in many different formats.

The differences in the width of the letters in the narrow, regular, wide versions are not significant, they are fairly balanced, but they give a lot of variation depending on the method of application and design characteristics, e.g. text size, background type, etc.

The entire Film P2 family offers many creative possibilities in graphic design, branding, printing and website design.
Each font include multilingual support, numerals and a large range of special characters.